The best way to succeed in remission of heroin or prescription pain killer addiction.

Simply, your life has to do a “plan B,” which means a complete shift from what you were doing. Biologically, one must take medication as prescribed, eat healthy, exercise to your tolerance or physical limitations. There is strong evidence to suggest that walking 30-45 minutes 5 days a week while not only decrease your chances for heart disease, diabetes and high blood pressure, but it increase serotonin (your mood regulating neurotransmitter). Sleep hygiene is important, and there are many resources at our sister site,

Psychologically, one must engage in self introspection to gain insight into choices, cognitive distortions and other challenges. This can be achieved through individual and group therapy, as well as self-education from the many resources on the web and your local library. In addition, psychological resiliency can assist with setting boundaries and gates which you can control.

Socially, changing your environment and who you share your time and energy. Those that led you down the wrong paths should be avoided, those that have succeeded in gaining sobriety and mentors will greatly assist. This is where AA (alcoholics anonymous) and NA (narcotics anonymous) have incredible success rates and we greatly encouraged engagement.

Spiritually and Cultural, this topic evokes many emotions and pre-conceived notions. The old adage, “If you don’t pick something to worship…it will pick you” is a mantra that many who have fallen prey to addiction in its many forms. If religion (which has built in social and spiritual supportive aspects) are against your belief system, then seek out other self-help and spiritual resources. Please consider that anything will be better than what you have been doing. We only ask that you do look at a system that has a path to redemption, a greater purpose in your life and a source of strength that you can tap into.

As you can read, medication is only one piece of the puzzle, but it does alleviate the symptoms so you can engage in your “plan B.” We are here to help if we can, and believe in this model, and there are “many roads to Rome,” in other words there are an infinite amount of ways to succeed and one easy way to fail. Thanks for considering us in assisting you.